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Easter Baskets

An Easter basket can be a great way to celebrate the holiday. This traditional basket, also called a Paschal basket, contains foods that were previously forbidden during Lent. These items are then blessed by a priest, breaking the Lenten fast. Aside from candy and other treats, Easter baskets can also contain jumbo chocolate eggs.
Symbolism of Easter baskets

Easter baskets are an important part of Easter traditions. They can be full of small gifts for children, but they also represent wealth and status. Some families will bless more than one container with different types of food to represent different aspects of their life. For example, a large basket can be filled with a variety of foods, whereas a small one may just contain a few sweets.

The origins of Easter basket stuffers date back thousands of years. The hopping hare, for example, was a symbol of fertility from medieval times. European folklore also claims that the rabbit leaves a basket full of colored eggs for the children. Eggs themselves have long been symbolically important, representing new life and the cycle of the year. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed the world was born out of a cosmic egg. Cracked eggs are also associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Filling them with treats

Easter is a time for sweet treats, and there are many options for filling Easter basket. You can find inexpensive treats in the grocery store, or spend a little more time and money by making custom or homemade treats. Chocolate eggs and jelly beans are the obvious choices, but you can also get more exotic treats, such as gourmet Hilliard chocolate covered Oreos. If you have more money to spend, you can also purchase honey whole-wheat dough and individual sized Honey Bunnies from Great Harvest Bakery.

Candy is a great treat for children of all ages, and Easter candy is sure to please. Easter candy can come in a variety of flavors, including Reese’s, Hershey’s, Skittles, and Snickers. You can also find balloons and teddy bears to add a personal touch to your child’s Easter basket. Popcorn, too, can make a fun treat. Popcorn comes in several flavors, so you can customize the Easter basket to reflect your child’s preferences.
Meaning of bunny figurines

Easter baskets are a great way to show your child that you care. Bunnies and eggs are two of the most common Easter symbols and represent rebirth and fertility. German lore also associates the Easter bunny with egg-laying. Eggs also represent Christ’s resurrection and were decorated as a token of joy after a time of fasting.

The Easter bunny was first referred to in German writings in the 1600s. It was originally thought to lay colorful eggs for children would leave carrots in the nests. Later, the idea spread to the United States. In time, the Easter bunny became associated with joy treats and candy.
Including jumbo chocolate eggs

Easter baskets contain treats for everyone, and the star of the show is the hand-swirled, pastel-colored chocolate Easter egg. Some even personalize them with the recipient’s name. Other treats include a solid chocolate bunny, chocolate-covered rice crispy square, and chocolate-covered marshmallow Peeps.

Jumbo chocolate eggs are a fun addition to any Easter basket, and they’re also one of the oldest and most popular Easter Candy items. Jumbo chocolate eggs are based on the classic chocolate egg design, but come in a wide variety of flavors including sea salt caramel and French silk.

Marks & Spencer’s giant Easter eggs celebrate their 20th anniversary. They’re love at first sight. Thorntons also sells jumbo plain eggs, in either milk or white, and you can even get a personalised message inside.
Stuffing them with year-round favorites

Stuffing Easter baskets with year-around favorites is a good way to include something that a recipient of your gift will enjoy throughout the year. For example, stuffed animals are a great choice for a basket. You can find a wide variety of options for this gift, from small stuffed animals to big plush toys. Stuffed animals can be stuffed with other gifts, and they are also a great option for kids who love to hunt for eggs. You can also buy stuffed animals that look realistic, like grass, and you can buy them in a variety of colors.

Instead of giving your children chocolates, consider giving them year-round favorites instead. Chocolates are a traditional Easter treat, and they have a rich history. However, you can easily find year-round chocolates to put in their baskets. These are inexpensive and make great year-round gifts.


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